Buchanan - Timeline 1600-1700

  • The Dutch discover northern Australia

    Northern Australia is discovered by the Dutch, in what is now known as Cape York Peninsula.
  • The Dutch Defeat Spanish Fleet

    In a four-hour battle in the Bay of Gibraltar, thirty Dutch ships caught the Spanish fleet off guard. The Spanish ships, which posed a threat to Dutch trade with Asia, were sunk.
  • Jamestown First Permanent Settlement

    The London Company establishes Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, in southeast Virginia.
  • Johannes Kepler publishes his Laws of Planetary Motion

    The Laws of Planetary Motion, written by Johannes Kepler, explain how planets move around the sun.
  • Henry IV of France, a progressive king who is religiously tolerant, assassinated by François Ravaillac

    François Ravaillac, an insane and very religious assassin, assassinates Henry IV of France, a progressive and religiously liberal king.
  • The House of Burgesses Meets

    The House of Burgesses, America's first representative assembly, convenes in Virginia for the first time. Slaves from Africa are brought to Jamestown for the first time.
  • Plymouth Colony Established

    Pilgrims from England founded the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. The Mayflower Compact, an agreement that forms the foundation of the colony's government, is signed by 41 male passengers upon disembarking from their ship, the Mayflower.
  • English seize New Amsterdam

    The English take control of New Amsterdam (city and colony) and call it New York.