British North America Acts

By atti84
  • Sir John McDonald set foot on North America

    Sir John McDonald set foot on North America after being on sea for 42 days
  • John A McDonald Opened a Box Office

    John A McDonald opened a box office to become a lawyer
  • Upper and Lower Canada United

    In 1841 Upper Canada and Lower Canada United
  • Canada Became a Country

    Canada became a country but, was still ruled by the Britis Empire
  • New Provinces and Territories

    Canada had the Power to Establish new Provinces and Territories
  • Transfer Payments to Smaller Provinces

    Tranfer Payments by the Federal Goverment to smaller Provinces
  • New Provines got Rights

    New province such as Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchchewan got rights to different natural resources
  • Newfoundland Became Part of Canada

    Newfoundland became part of Canada as its tenth province
  • Retirement

    All Superior Judges to retire at age 75
  • Freedom and Rights

    In 1882 the Canadian Charters of Freedom and Rights forms were made