Brigid Men-Deli

  • Period: to

    Britt's Birthday

    She was born June 1998 in Maryland
  • Britt's First Day Of School

    She went to started Preschool in Maryland
  • Britt graduates Kindergarden

    Britt graduated Kindergarden in maryland
  • Britt visited Wisconsin

    She went to Wisconsin,and she learned how to snow board with her friend Lucas
  • Britt's First day Of Middle School

    Britt also went to middle school in Maryland,and she made lots of friends
  • Britt broke her leg

    She broke her leg by skateboarding.She wasn't very good at stopping so she ran into some stairs.
  • Britt graduated from Middle School

    She also graduated middle school in Maryland
  • She went to Canada and made new friends

    Britt visited Canada,and she met Sam,and Lucas
  • Moved to Staten Island

    She moved to Staten Island then started high school at Susan Wagner High School