brian loves chapter 27 timeline

By brianl
  • Harry truman address to public on tv

    Harry truman address to public on tv
    Harry turman delivered ths speach in 194 as the first televised speach. at the time there was only 44,000 tv sets in the united states.5 dys before there as the firt telivesd baseball game.
  • Period: to

    chapter 27

  • Transistor invented

    Transistor invented
    Invented by bell in 1947. This was thebase of electrolnics as we know them today. thetransistor is a major part in american history.
  • Under god added to pledge

    Under god added to pledge
    the words were aded in 1954. thy were addd because of a commuist threat. Eisenhoer and congres are rsposable for this.
  • Polio vaccine

    Polio vaccine
    The vacinne was invented in 1955. the release was pused bck to commemerate taft. the conducted a atudy to see if the vaccine would work
  • First nuclear power plant

    First nuclear power plant
    The plant was in shippingport. this was in pennsylvania. This was the world first nuclear energy plant.
  • NASA

    tHEY WERE CRATED IN 1958 TO FIGHT THE COMMUNIST SPACE RUSH. they wer the fist to put a man on the moon. this program would be vital to the us