• Period: to

    career timespan

  • Started highschool at PCI

    Started highschool at PCI
  • Silver medal

    Silver medal
    Won the silver mdal in ball hockey at the Timkin Centre.
  • Coats For Kids

    Volonteered for the Salvation Army to help with Coats For Kids.
  • Maple Leafs Playoffs

    Maple Leafs Playoffs
    Leafs go to playoffs for first time in nine years. They play Boston round 1
  • Track and Field Awards

    Track and Field Awards
    Finished with a bronze in 200m sprint and 4th in 100m spront to advance to WOSSA.
  • Resume Created

    Made resume in Careers class
  • Award at Athletic Banquit

  • Summer Job

    Starting to work for Sparta Tree Spade. 10$ an Hour
  • Co-Op

    Started Co-Op at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy.
  • Co-Op Interview

    Co-Op Interview
    Interveiw at Talbot trail Physiotherapy.
  • EuropeTrip

    March break school trip to Austria, Germany and Czech Republic.
  • Highschool Graduation

    Graduation from Parkside C I
  • First Car

  • Moved out

    Moved out to go to University.
  • Start of University

    Possibly going to UWO for Kinesiology.
  • Completion of Post secondary education.

    Graduation from UWO.
  • Start of second post secondary education

    After finishing kinesiology, I will specialize in physiotherapy.