Brazilian Slavery

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  • Jan 1, 1500

    Portuguese arrived in Brazil

    Portuguese arrived in Brazil
    Portugal arrived in Brazil and took over half a century to establish a economy.
  • Jan 1, 1530

    african slaves were brought into Brazil

    african slaves were brought into Brazil
    Brazil recevied 4,000,000 Africans over four times as many as any other american destination. 40% of the total number of aficans going to the Americans only 10% made it.
  • Senegambia

    Most slaves in Brazil came from Senegambia.
  • Gold

    Gold was found in Minas Gerais. Trippling the demand for slaves. 1.7 million slaves were brought into Brazil in the late 17th - early century.
  • Brazilian independence

    Brazilian independence
    Slavery was abloished in the British and French Caribbean. Brazil gained independence in 1822.
  • Coffee

    Coffee came into Brazil plantations. 1.3 million slaves made there way onto coffee plantations.
  • Britian Royal Navy

    Britian Royal Navy
    Britian's Royal Navy began to intercept slave ships headed for Brazil to free enslave Africans.
  • Slavery outlaw

    Slavery outlaw
    Britian outlawed slavery in the British Colonies in 1833. Rising labor costs in the colonies made it difficult to compete with the slave economies of Brazil and Cuba.
  • Slave Ships

    Slave Ships
    Britian's Royal Navy seixed 400 slave ships. Brazil was forced to close the slave trade.
  • Legal Slave Trade

    Legal Slave Trade
    Brazil ended legal slave trade in 1850 because of pressure from Great Britian.
  • Law of the Free Womb

    Law of the Free Womb
    Brazil passed the 'Law of the Free Womb," freeing slaves children born as slaves.