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Brandy Jackson Timeline 1- Charles Darwin

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    Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
  • HMS Beagle

    HMS Beagle
    Darwin graduates Christ's College with a bachelor of arts degree. Darwin's botany professor John Stevens Henslow had become his mentor through the years in college. After Darwin graduates, Henslow recommends him for a naturalist position aboard the HMS Beagle; which was a ship set to take a five year survey trip around the world.
  • Punta Alta

    Punta Alta
    In Punta Alta (Buenos Aries, Argentina) Darwin collects his first fossil. Darwin continued his search for fossils in Argentina until October of 1832. Darwin succeeded in collecting many extraordinary fossils and sent them home to England to his mentor John Stevens Henslow, where they were deposited in the Royal College of Surgeons at London.
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    Darwin spent five weeks exploring around the Galapagos islands. It was here that Darwin made his most astonishing discoveries. Darwin discovered plants, birds, and reptiles with characteristics original to the Galapagos, but shared a lot of similarities to animals on the mainland.
  • Darwin Comes Home

    Darwin Comes Home
    "I reached home late last night. My head is quite confused with so much delight."
    Darwin finally arrives home in England after a five year voyage on the HMS Beagle. After discovering various new plants and species, Darwin got to work examining his discoveries.
  • The Theory of Natural Selection

    The Theory of Natural Selection
    In 1859, Darwin published his thoughts about evolution and natural selection in On the Origin of Species. The publishing was very popular but also stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Darwin's book convinced people that species change over a very large period of time, suggesting that the earth was much older than people had come to believe.