bono timeline

  • Period: to

    the relationships

    he not married because this wife died in the accident
  • he was born

    he was born in dublin
  • They was born the group U2

    He make's the band U2 in the school to answer the advertisement
    he make's one band of the rock
  • Period: to

    this person sing in U2

    this person sing in this band
  • They win the firs gold cd

    they are win the first gold CD to break sold the first album
  • he was born the children the bono

    he was born the children jordan
  • they was born the second children

    she is the second son Memphis Eve july de 1991
  • they was born the therd children

    he was born the born , Elijah 'Eli' Bob Patricius Guggi Q Hewson
  • Out the album all that you can't leave behind

    this All That You Can't Leave Behind the grammy CD
  • they was born the last children

    they was born the
    John Abraham Hewson
  • released his last album on sale

    they out the last album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  • the actually

    in this actually he was sing in U2 and promotes the new album 360 grades