• Jul 20, 1464

    Oh Probes

    Oh Probes
    The first U.S probe got on th moon
  • sputnik I

    sputnik I
    The launching of Sputnik I by the Soviet Union began the "space war" with the United States.
  • explorer 1

    explorer 1
    Explorer 1 was the first Amercian satellite put into earth's orbit
  • The first man to orbit

    The first man to orbit
    Yuri A. Gagarin was the first man to orbit. he was Soviets and launched in April 12, 1961
  • Luna 9

    Luna 9
    Luna 9 was the first space craft to have a soft luna landing.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    Dec. 21, 1968 the Apollo 8 orbited the moon 10 times before retuning to earth
  • apollo 11

    apollo 11
    Apollo 11 was the first flight that took men to the moon and was a project of the United States.
  • apollo 17

    apollo 17
    Apollo 17 was the last or most recent moon landing by the United States.
  • The Final Shuttle Mission Of The Century

    The Final Shuttle Mission Of The Century
    On July 8, Atlantis blasted off on NASA as the fnal shuttle mission and ended half a century of space races with russia triumphant moonwalks and big leaps for mankind.
  • The great space race

    The great space race
    The race between the United States and the Soviet Union to be the first nation to send a man into space and to land on the moon