Bobby Knight

By andvel2
  • Knight is Born

    Bobby Knight was born on October 25, 1940 in Massillon, Ohio.
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    Life Time


    Went to Ohio State University and played as the “sixth” man for three years of OSU during their championship year (1960-62). Started only two games at OSU. His leadership coming off the bench helped his team win multiple championships.

    Went to coach at Cuyahoga Falls High School in Ohio after his college career. Here at this high school he planned and executed all of his drills and plays for his players.

    Very first day as the head coach of IU was April 1, 1971. Soon after, he gained popularity by building a team that had dominant winning seasons. in the first four years, Knight’s Hoosiers won three Big Ten titles, plus a national championship in 1976. he then won two more soon after (‘81 and 87’). Also won 11 Big Ten championships. His ability to organize a championship team would allow him to win multiple championships

    In 1976, Knight pulled off guard Jim Wisman off the court by the jersey during a nationally televised game. By being really aggressive and harsh coach, he was able to get his players to buy into whatever Knight wanted.

    On Feb. 23 1985, Knight received a technical foul for arguing with the ref on a call. Knight’s reaction to the call was that he threw a chair in the middle of the playing court. Knight soon received another technical foul, getting him ejected all during a game against Purdue. This tells me that Bobby Knight did not work well with others.

    On Jan. 1, 2007, Knight won his 880th game, passing Dean Smith to become the winningest basketball coach in NCAA men's Division 1 history. This just comes to show us that he knows how to win, and winning requires excelent staffing.

    On Feb. 4, 2008, Knight abruptly resigned as coach at Texas Tech despite having signed a three-year contract extention the previous September. Knight ended his career with 902 win.

    Bobby Knight throughout his career used many, many drills. In each of every single drill that Knight used incorporated atleast one of seven important concepts of the game, which are: Shot selection, handling the ball without mistakes, moving without the ball, and helping each other get open on offense. For defense–pressure on the ball, taking away what the offense wants to do, and keeping track of ball location. His conceptional skills to do this is what drove him to be a successful coach.

    Knight went to OSU for three years, as been mentioned before. There, he learned many technical skills to be a good coach.

    Bobby Knight was always a hot head with a short temper. He is a disseminator because he passed down his talents and knowledge of the game of basketball down to his son and players. This included Knight's short temper with the media.

    Knight was able to be the disturbance handler by whenever there was a disturbance, Knight handled it by using his short temper to install fear so there are no more disturbances.

    Knight was a negotiator when he coached all of his players. He negotiated with his players to buy into his system of coaching, in which was a successful system of playing style.