Bob Knight Bio

By sealee1
  • Bob Knight's Birth

    Bob Knight is born in Massillon, Ohio
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    Bob Knight's Biography

  • Techinical

    Bob Knight played basketball in Orville High School, and was also a reserve foward for the Buckeyes' in the 1960 National Championship.
  • Conceptual

    Knight descively wins his games by telling his players to keep passing until they can make a shot that has no competition.
  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • National; Coach of the Year Award

  • Youngest Coach to get to 200 wind

    Knight is the youngest coach ever to get 200 wins(35)
  • Not Being a Leader

    He grabbed his son and kicks for not listening to directions.
  • Big Ten Coach 1976

  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • 1984 Olympics Men's Basketball Organzing

    Knight recruited Jordan and many other players to play for the U.S.A 1984 Men's Olympic Basketball
  • 1984 U.S Men's Olympic Basketball team Organizing

    Bobby Knight trained his team to get ready for the 1984 Olympic games.
  • Bob Knight's team wins the Olympics

    1984 Knights team wins the Gold Medal for Men's Basketball
  • Bob Knight Disturbance

    Bob Knight has thrown a chair because he was upset about the call the referee made.
  • Figurehead

    Bob Knight signed a document saying that he will be suspended from a game because of his bad behavior. He threw a chair.
  • Human

    Bob Knight gets kicked out for not obeying rules and throwing a chair.
  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • Baske Hall of Fame

    Bob Knight was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991.
  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • Big Ten Coach of the Year

  • Leader

    Frank, Lawrernce was a assistant coach of knight at one point, but later he became a head coach.
  • Knight Not Controlling

    Knight chokes player Neil Reed; Neil Reed dies. Bobby Knight
  • Entrepreneur

    Knight decides to join the Texas Tech Riders and improve their team
  • Bob Knight Retires

    Bob Knight achieves his 900th win and rertires his position as head coach of the Texas Tech Riders to his son Pat.
  • Army Sports Hall of Fame

    Knight was indcuted in 2008
  • Spokesperson

    In 2009 Knight creates a 3 DVD set on how to play man to man defence, ofeence motion, and mental toughness.