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  • Slaves Arrive in Americas

    Slaves Arrive in Americas
    After slaves arrived in America, the Blues originated in the Deep South around the 1870’s. It started with spiritual themes.
  • Emancipation Proclamation / Julie Joint

    Emancipation Proclamation / Julie Joint
    Once southern slaves were freed they began going to “Juke Joints” to listen to live music.
  • Slave Song Published

    Slave Song Published
    Slave Songs of the United States, the earliest of African American spirituals, is published.
  • Ragtime Influence

    Ragtime Influence
    Scott Joplin publishes “Maple Leaf Blues”. Ragtime Will become a key influence on the Piedmont style of blues. It was first Recorded in 1903 and there are no known copies left.
  • Black Music First Recorded

    Victor Records issues the first known recording of black music called, “Camp Meeting Shouts”.
  • Father of the Blues

    Father of the Blues
    W.C. Handy is named the “Father of the Blues” by writing and publishing the first commercially successful song, “Memphis Blues”.
  • First Blues Hit

    First Blues Hit
    Mamie Smith records “Crazy Blues” and It becomes the first blues hit and is considered the very first blues recording.
  • First Folk Blues Records

    First male folk blues records are issued. Singers Papa Charlie Jackson and Daddy Stove Pipe are featured.
  • Great Depression- Sales Decline

    Great Depression- Sales Decline
    During the depression sales of records and phonographs decline which cripple the recording industry.
  • Great Depression and the Movement of Blues to the North

    Many Southern African Americans migrated north to cities such as New York and Chicago and brought their music with them.
  • Performance for White Audience

    Performance for White Audience
    Huddle Ledbetter aka Leadbelly was the first artist to play Blues to a white audience outside of the South.
  • Introduction of the Electric Guitar

    Introduction of the Electric Guitar
    The electric guitar was developed in the early 1930s and was first recorded in 1939. It helped transform the sound of the Blues.
  • Muddy Waters Records in Chicago

    Muddy Waters Is a key link between the Mississippi Delta and urban styles of Blues.
  • White Audience Fan Base

    White Audience Fan Base
    Muddy Waters and BB King perform at Fillmore East in New York City to a mostly white audience.
  • Record Sales

    Robert Johnson’s recordings sold over 400,000 copies in six months.
  • Year of the Blues

    Year of the Blues
    Congress declares 2003 the “Year of the Blues”.
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