Blues Timeline

  • The Beginning of the Blues

    The Beginning of the Blues
    It is believed that the blues were originated and discovered around the 1860s after the American Civil War . Believed that enslaved African Americans and their descendants created the genre blues while working on work songs and field hollers.
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  • Field Hollers Influence

    Field Holler known as known as Levee Camp Holler music in the 19th century. They laid foundations for the blues and spirituals .
  • Development of the use of blues

    Development of the use of blues
    Blue Notes pre-date their use in blues. English composer Samuel Coleridge -Taylors ¨ A Negro Love song ¨from his The African Suite for Piano , contained blue third and seventh notes
  • Maple Leaf Rag was Published

    Maple Leaf Rag was Published
    Scott joplin king of ragtime published the Maple Leaf Rag. Ragtime then became an chief influence on the style of blues.
  • blues continuation

    Blues later adopted elements from the "Ethiopian of minstrel shows and Negro spirituals, including instrumental and harmonic accompaniment. The style also was closely related to ragtime, which developed at about the same time, though the blues better preserved "the original melodic patterns of African music"
  • Continuation development of blues

    In 1912, the sheet music industry published another blues composition—"Dallas Blues" by Hart A. Wand of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. other blues-like compositions, precipitating the Tin Pan Alley adoption of blues elements. Also in 1912 (on November 9), another song, "The Blues", was copyrighted by LeRoy "Lasses".
  • ¨Father of Blues¨

    ¨Father of Blues¨
    Handy was a formally trained musician, composer and arranger who helped to popularize the blues by transcribing and orchestrating blues in an almost symphonic style, with bands and singers. He became a popular and prolific composer, and billed himself as the "Father of the Blues". One of Handys most famous work was the St. Louis Blues
  • Expansion of blues during war

    Expansion of blues during war
    The U.S entered the WWI and economic mobilization of American troops and African American exposes troops to blues music , expanding and causing the expansion of blues.
  • Blues becomes more available

    Blues becomes more available
    Electrical recording technology is introduced and blues music became more available for wider audience .And the dominant blues figure Blind Lemon Jefferson recorded his first song.
  • New type of Blues

    New type of Blues
    In 1929 there a new type of blues during the Great Depression. The new type of blues was Chicago blues which brought many sales and more people to listen .
  • Introduction of the electric guitar

    Introduction of the electric guitar
    The electric guitar was heard when Eddie Durham recorded a song . The electric guitar helps transform the sound of blues .As the years went on in the 1950s and 1960ś the electric guitar became the most important instrument in music.
  • Blues drastic popularity

    Blues drastic popularity
    After the soldiers went home after the war, there was rapid increase in the blues music and John Lee Hooker and T- Bone walker gained more popularity and influence .
  • ¨King of the Blues Guitar¨

    ¨King of the Blues Guitar¨
    Albert King and Freddie King became and were huge influential blues guitarists. Knowing blues was usually sung , they innovated electrifying blues and influenced many .
  • New creation of blues

    New creation of blues
    English Blues Rock artist used African American influences to create new blues music . For example Keith Richards who became really popular because he contributed his own version of blues mixed with blues rock .
  • Year of the Blues

    Year of the Blues
    In 2003 the Year of the blues was declared by the Congress. In recognition of the blues impact on not only music but also history around the world . and celebration of the 100th anniversary of W.C Handys encounter with a bluesman.