Bleachers timeline

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    Events Timeline

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  • Start of Neeley's high school career

    First year of high school football for Neeley Crenshaw under Coach Rake.
  • Dispute in championship game

    Dispute at half time of the championship game between Rake and Crenshaw. Then the trojans comeback from 31 points to win.
  • Neeley's Injury

    Neeley Crenshaw suffered a career ending injury, his first college season.
  • The Statue of Rake

    A statue of Coach Rake was Made and placed on the nside of the stadium a few years after his retirement
  • Neeley Returns

    Neeley omes home after not beingin Messina for years.
  • Death of Coach Rake

    coach Rake had an illness for months and then he finally came to rest. he died and wrote a note to the attendants of his funeral