Blake Shelton

  • Born

    Blake was born in Ada, Oklahoma, he was Dick and Dorothy's second son, he also had an older sister named Endy.
  • Moves to Nashville

    Moves to Nashville
    Blake moved to Nashville, Tennessee to persuit his singind career
  • Singned to Giant records

    After a few years in Nashville he finally signed to a record company to be exact Giant records.
  • Giant releses his first single (Austin)

  • Giant records goes under

    Giant records goes under
    Giant goes under and he is transferred to Warner Bros.
  • Second album released

    Second album released
    His second album The Dreamer was relesed on Warner Bros records
  • his third album is released

    his third album is released
    Shelton releases his third album Barn and grill
  • Another album!

    Another album!
    in early 2007 he released yet another album Pure BS
  • Startin' Fires

    His fifth studio album