Blake Heyde's Journey to Becoming an Evans Scholar

  • Heyde gets a job as a golf caddy

    Heyde finds out about and begins golf caddying when his sister applies for a job at the local country club.
  • The Application is Out

    Heyde gains access to the Evans Scholar application
  • Heyde turns in Evans Scholar application

    The Evans Scholar application consists of a written application, recommendations, and an interview. The interview was "kind of like a press conference" said Heyde, and "probably the most nerve-racking experience of my life."
  • Heyde completes the College Scholarship Service Financial Profile

    Heyde and his family share financial information as part of the application process, because one component of the application is demonstrating financial need.
  • Northwestern University Application Deadline

    Heyde's application to Northwestern University is due.
  • Heyde Earns the Evans Scholarship

    The Evans Scholars Foundation notifies Heyde by March that he has the Evans Scholarship
  • Northwestern University Accepts Heyde

    Heyde receives his acceptance letter from Northwestern University
  • School Starts

    Heyde begins his first quarter as a Northwestern freshman