Black Sox Scandal

By Mr. G
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    The Team

    The team that changed the game will forever be called the black sox. But the people behind the team and the men behind the scandal are the ones that foever changed the game. The men were Chick Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Joe Jackson, Buck Weaver, Lefty Willliams, Happy Felsch, Swede Risberg, and Fred McMullin
  • Womens right

    Womens right
    During this time time this is when the 19 amendment was passed. The 19th amendment aslo go in together with the womens sufferage act. This has an impact on eveyone because this alows anyone to vote and to vote it can cost anyone there job or there families.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was very significant during this time period. The treaty had officailly ended the war between Germany and the Allied Powers. This was good because men were now comming home from the war and now being able to go to Baseball games.
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    Steel Strike

    The steel strike was hard on the people during this time period. Because this is how the people made a living. Most men were steel workers because that was the biggest jobs during the time because of all the buildings being put up in major cities. This affected baseball because many people did not have jobs and could not afford to see game.
  • The Main man

    The Main man
    The main man behind the fix was the first basemen Chick Ganhil. He had a friend that was a professional gambler. Chick had convinced his friend that the fix could be done and it was.
  • The desiding pitch

    The desiding pitch
    The way that gamblers knew that the fix was on was not by the players saying they were gunna throw the series. Starting pitcher Eddie Cicotte had hit Reds hitter Morrie Rath in the back with the second pitch of the game.
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    1919 Blown World Series

    From October 1 to October 9 the World Series had gone 8 games in the best of 9 series. In this series Chicago had only one 3 of the 8 games played. They were out scored 35 to 17. Also of the 4 games played at Cominsky Park 1 game was won by the Black sox.
  • President Woodrow Wilson

    President Woodrow Wilson on this day sufferd a very serious stroke. This had paralyzed his left side. This was very serious because this is the man that is leading your country and the man that had just joined us into the league of nations
  • Reason of scandal

    Reason of scandal
    The reasons of the scandal were mainly involved with how the players had been paid. The men were very poorly payed for being arguably the best team to play the game. The men were payed low becasue there owner Charles Cominsky would not pay the players fairly. The men blew the series because they all had families and need the money to pay for their cost of living.
  • The Money

    The Money
    The 8 players for the blown series were going to make 100,000 dollars to split. This means that the players were going to 12,500 a player which would be more then eddie was suppsoed to be payed for winning 29 games that season.
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson

    Shoeless Joe Jackson
    Many say that Joe was actually taking part in the fix, but if you look at his fielding percentage and his hitting they were both above average. He was not the smartest guy on the team. But when it came to baseball he would do anything to win.
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    The trial

    During this time span many of the players had told the press that they in fact had fixed the 1919 World Series. All players had been involved and had admitted to it. All nine of the players in volved had been acquitted of the charges.