Billie Joe Armstrong

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In Music
  • Birth

  • Fathers Death

  • Met Mike Dirnt

    Met Mike Dirnt
  • First time on stage

    First time on stage
  • first show with "sweet children"

    first show with "sweet children"
  • nickname "Two Dollar Billie"

    nickname "Two Dollar Billie"
    Billie Joe Armstrong when young he would play gigs for only $2.
  • Changed name to Green Day

    Changed name to Green Day
  • Met his future wife

    Met his future wife
  • Married Adrienne

    Married Adrienne
  • Dookie came out

    Dookie came out
    Green Day's album "Dookie" was their first big hit album that went strait to the tops of the charts.
  • Joseph Armstrong Born

    Joseph Armstrong Born
  • Interveiwed by MTV

    Interveiwed by MTV
  • Arrested

  • Jakob Armstrong Born

    Jakob Armstrong Born
  • American Idiot Came Out

    American Idiot Came Out
    American Idiot was their biggest hit album that they have ever created and is well known.
  • American Idiot the Musical

    American Idiot the Musical
    Green Day's hit album was such a big hit it got made into a broadway musical.
  • 2012 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

  • The Voice

    The Voice
    Billlie Joe Armstrong mentored singers on the voice.
  • 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival

    2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival
  • Rehab

    Billie announced that he was going to rehab.

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