Billie Holiday

  • Billie Holiday Born

  • US enters WW1

    This was a big deal because a lot of america didn't agree with entering the war. The war started in Europe.
  • Treaty of Versallies ends WW1

    This treaty imposed on Germany made by the allies made it so the war was paid for by Germans.
  • Women granted right to vote

    This would be important to holiday because she believed in womens rights
  • Discovered by John Hammond *no specific date

    *no specific date
  • Records her most popular songs *no specific date

    These songs were a high point in her career, they made her a bigger artist than before.
  • Gets her nickname "lady day" from Lester Young *no specific date

    Getting a nickname from such a big name in Jazz music is a very big honor.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    The Japinese did a suprise air attack on America's Pearl Harbor.
  • D-day

    Massive attack on Normandy
  • Stars in the film "New Orleans" *no specific date

    This film blew up her name and increased her stardom.
  • Tours Europe *no specific date

    Billie going on tour was a big accomplishment, espacally with the other negatives going on in her life.
  • Billie dies in NYC

  • Billie is intruducted into the rock and roll hall of fame *no specific date

    Diana ross presents her. It shows how much of a strong Musician she was.