Bill Masen

  • Bill Masen is born.

  • The first triffids start to appear all over the world.

    Soon discovered to be both useful in producing non-volatile oil and deadly with poisonous whip-like stingers, triffids become of major interest in the upcoming years. Bill becomes involved triffid oil business later on.
  • Bill is temporarily blinded by a triffid sting.

  • An strange cosmic event is seen all over the world.

    Unusual patterns of green light, thought to be of comets, appear in the nighttime sky.
  • Bill awakens to find that everyone is blind.

    Awaking with his eye bandages on, he senses an unusual quietness. After hours of this, he decides to remove his bandages, only to find that, while he is able to see, nearly all of London is walking around blinded. He soon, fortunately, encounters Josella Playton, a woman who similarily has retained her vision. The two begin to travel together.
  • Bill and Jo arrive at the University.

    Bill and Jo join a group of mostly able-sighted people at the University who have banded together with a man named Micheal Beadly as their leader.
  • Coker and his forces kidnap Bill.

    Bill, as well as many other people from the University, are captured as so that they may, though perhaps unwillingly, help the blind of London, Bill is assigned to a group of blind people.
  • Bill's rids himself of helping the blind and encounters Coker again.

  • Bill travels to Tynsham Manor with Coker.

    Hoping to find Beadly's group there they instead encounter a woman named Miss Durant living there with another group of people.
  • Bill and Coker travel to Beaminister.

    Still hoping to join up with Beadly and the others, Bill and Coker follow Miss Durant's word that they went to Beaminister. Beadly and the others are missing there too, except this time the trail goes cold as to their whereabouts.
  • Bill heads towards Sussex alone and meets a girl named Susan.

  • Bill finally joins up with Jo at Shirning Farm.

    After travelling for a time with Susan, Bill sees an S.O.S. signal emitted from the farm. There, he meets Jo again.
  • BIll and Jo have their first son, David, at Shirning.

  • Bill and Jo encounter Ivan Simpson.

    On a visit to the coast, Bill and Jo spot a helicopter, driven by a man named Ivan Simpson. Landing it near them, he tells them that he is with Beadly's group and how they have been living on the Isle of Wright.
  • Bill and the others leave Shirning for the Isle of Wright.