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Big Events In Music History.

  • Elvis presley's birthdate

    Elvis presley's birthdate
    On this day, Elvis "the king of rock" Presley was born, little did anyone know how much of an importance this was at the time.
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  • The Day the Music Died

    The Day the Music Died
    Billie Holiday, Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper die when their plane crashed in Iowa. The event is now known as "The Day the Music Died", and was memorialized by Don McLean's song named "American Pie".
  • the beginning of woodstock

    the beginning of woodstock
    woodstock was one of the biggest events in music history, going for three days and capturing the meaning of peace, music and harmony, it was a HUGE success.
  • death of "the king"

    death of "the king"
    the death of elvis presley, but most certainly not the end of his rein as the king of rock 'n' roll.
  • Disco Comes Alive

    Disco Comes Alive
    Saturday Night Fever premieres and Disco Comes Alive. Starring John Travolta in his awesome white leisure suit, Saturday Night Fever takes the world by storm. Supported by the smash hit soundtrack of the Bee Gees, disco gets invigorated and dance will never be the same.
  • the Shooting of John Lennon

    the Shooting of John Lennon
    Mark Chapman's shooting of John Lennon on the doorstep of the star's New York home shocked the world. That Chapman was a fan, and someone who craved celebrity himself, only added to the chilling unreality of the moment. 'The world is not like the Sixties,' Lennon said in the last interview before his death. 'The world has changed.' The first, and most chilling, manifestation of the dark side of our obsession with celebrity.
  • The Birth Of MTV

    The Birth Of MTV
    The pivotal moment when the pop video became as important as the pop single. The first television channel devoted totally to music, MTV has grown into a global brand as all-pervasive as Coca-Cola or Nike, colonising and dulling the collective pop consciousness with the tyranny of the rotation play.
  • Live Aid.

    Live Aid.
    A great moment for charity, a dreadful moment for pop. Two all-star concerts organised by Saint Bob Geldof and beamed live into millions of homes worldwide, the event raised £50 million for charity. One of the greatest philanthropic events of all time, but the moment when pop became enshrined as pure showbiz entertainment.
  • The Beatle's "1" was released.

    The Beatle's "1" was released.
    the highest selling album of the 2000s, featuring virtually every number 1 hit by the british classic rock band.
  • death of Michael Jackson

    death of Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson, also known as the King Of Pop, died at home from heavy sedatuion of anistetics. His doctor was the first to be blamed, as he was keeping him alive.
  • One direction release "what makes you beautiful"

    One direction release "what makes you beautiful"
    The song made One direction more famous than when they were on X-factor, this was, and still is there biggest hit.
  • Justin beiber releases big hit "baby"

    justin beiber, youtube artist, becomes discovered from youtube videos, and is sponsored to make his debut as a big artist.
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller Released

    Michael Jackson's Thriller Released
    The BIGGEST selling pop-album of all time, making Michael Jackson a global icon and the idol of many,