• draisienne (hobby horse)

    draisienne (hobby horse)
    It was almost completely made of wood, and having no pedals, riders propelled it by pushing their feet against the ground. invented by Baron von Drais
  • MacMillan Velocipede

    MacMillan Velocipede
    The first bike that allowed to not use your feet on the ground, but to use "pedals". Created by Kirkpatrick MacMillan,
  • Michaux Velocipede

    Designed by France's Pierre Michaux who found connecting crank arms and pedals directly to the front wheel as a means of propulsion significantly change the bike.
  • Phantom

  • Ariel

  • Salvo

  • Kangaroo

    The world's first gear system, added brakes to the ordinary cycle which had become more and more dangerous due to the increasing diameter of the front wheel for riding at faster speeds.
  • Bayliss Thomas

    hollow tubing including the front fork. As well as weight balances and in some cases lighter parts for achieving faster speeds.