Bia and Colin's Life Story

By biapoli
  • First Date

    First Date
  • Second Weekend

  • Second time around in Brasil

    Second time around in Brasil
  • Period: to

    Fall in Brasil

  • Summer in Canada!

    Summer in Canada!
  • Period: to

    Summer in Canada

  • Second Time around in Canada

    Second Time around in Canada
  • Period: to

    Fall in Canada

  • Holidays in Brasil

    Holidays in Brasil
    [Before Carnaval](www.salgueiro.com.br/s2008)
  • Period: to

    Summer in Brasil

  • Ohio here we come!

    Ohio here we come!
  • Period: to

    Spring in Ohio

  • Period: to

    Colin's week off in Brazil!

  • Engagement

  • Bia and Colin arrive in the UK!

  • Period: to

    Bia and Colin visit the UK together

  • Isle of Wight

    Isle of Wight
  • West Ham Wins!

    West Ham Wins!
  • Back in Brighton!

    Back in Brighton!
  • Ernie's Birthday

  • Bia and Colin back in Columbus

  • Period: to

    Bia, Lilia and Carol in Hilliard!

  • Lilia and Carol arrive for the 1st time

  • Legal Marriage :-)

    Legal Marriage :-)
  • Caribbean Wedding