Berlin Wall

  • Walter Ulbricht Lies

    Communist East German leader Walter Ulbricht lies to the East German populations stating, “No one intends to build a wall”. The East Germans know he’s lying and many leave.
  • Construction of Berlin Wall

    At twelve o’clock at night, German soldiers from the East began building the infamous Berlin Wall. Ulbricht declared the wall an "anti-fascist protection barrier".
  • Hopping to the West

    East German soldier Conrad Schumann is photographed hopping a barbed wire to get to the West.
  • Climbing over to Die

    A man died as he tried to climb down over the Berlin Wall to get to West Berlin.
  • First Recorded Death

    24 year old Guenter Litfin is shot and killed while he was swimming across the Spree River. First documented killing by a Berlin Wall guard.
  • Bled to Death

    Peter Fechter bleeds to death in No Man's land after being shot trying to flee East Germany.
  • Ich Bin Ein Berliner

    John Kennedy rides declared," Ich bin ein Berliner " (I am a Berliner) while riding through West Berlin in a limo.
  • Change from the Soviet Union

    Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of Soviet Union and changes many things
  • U.S demands Tearing of Wall

    Near Brandenburg Gate, U.S. President Ronald Reagan demands: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall."
  • Wall won't fall

    Popular protests against East German government become bolder and more widespread, but leader Erich Honecker insists: "The Wall will stand in 50, even 100 years."
  • Iron Curtain

    Hungary breaks ranks with Warsaw Pact and officially opens border with Austria to East Germans, creating first chink in Iron Curtain. Thousands of East German "tourists" go West.
  • 40th anniversary

    40th year that East Germany has been in existence.
  • Honecker resigns

    Honecker forced to resign "on health grounds" amid growing protests.
  • Protest for Democracy

    In East Berlin, half a million protest for democracy in East Berlin.
  • The West Rush

    Egon Krenz, who took over after Honecker, announces that East Germans can go West Mix-up over announcement means that, within minutes, East Berliners overwhelm the guard posts on the Berlin Wall. By midnight, over a million East Berliners rush to the West.