Beloved Timeline

  • Sethe is born

    Sethe is born. Her mothers name was ma'am.
  • First at Sweet Home

    Halle and Baby Suggs are bought by the owners of Sweet Home.
  • Sethe and Halle at sweet home

    Halle buys Baby Suggs freedom. And Sethe arrives at sweet home as a replacement for Baby Suggs.
  • Marriage

    Sethe asks Mrs. Garner if they can have a wedding, she laughs and says no. So they settle for a cornfield.
  • Sethe's son Howard

    Sethe gives birth to her first child Howard.
  • Sethe's son Buglar

    Sethe gives birth to her second son and second born child Buglar.
  • Beloved's Birth

    Sethe gives birth to her first born daughter and her third born child Beloved.
  • Leaving Sweet Home

    the two brothers, Buglar and Howard take Beloved and leave sweet home in the spring.
  • School teachers nephews

    Sethe is pregnant with Denver and she has her milk taken from her and is beaten by the schoolteachers nephews.
  • Sethe leaves

    Sethe decides it is time to leave Sweet Home and makes her way towards 124 Bluestone.
  • Birth of Denver

    Sethe gives birth to her second daughter and fourth child, Denver, with the help of a white lady named Amy Denver.
  • 124 Bluestone

    Sethe and Denver go to 124 Bluestone raod to find Baby Suggs.
  • Schoolteachers Hat

    Sethe sees the schools teachers hat and takes her 4 kids to the shed. She slits her first born daughters throat and tried to kill the rest but stamp paid and the sheriff stop her. she is taken to jail by the sheriff and Beloveds ghost takes over 124 Bluestone Road.
  • Period: to

    124 Bluestone Road

    During this time Sethe, Denver, Baby Suggs, Howard and Buglar live at 124 Bluestone Road with the ghost of Beloved.
  • Buglar and Howard

    Buglar and Howard end up running away from home right before Baby Suggs dies because they cant stand to live in a house haunted by thier baby sister.
  • Paul D

    paul D arrives in Cincinnati at 124 Bluestone Road to visit Sethe and Baby Suggs.
  • Beloved

    Four days after Paul D arrives he takes Sethe and Denver to a carnival and when they arrive home Beloved is laying against the tree stump.
  • Beloved and Paul D

    Paul D starts to sleep outdoors because he cant sleep inside and that is when Beloved seduces Paul D.
  • Paul D leaves

    Stam Paid shows Paul D a newspaper with a picture of Sethe and the article is about how she killed her first born daughter and went to jail. Paul D decides to leave.
  • The End

    Beloved leaves 124 Bluestone Road and Paul D finally returns to 124 to live with Denver and Sethe.