Beloved: Plot Timeline

By 12aguay
  • The Garner's

    The Garner's purchase Baby Suggs and Halle to work at Sweet Home, in the state of Kentucky.
  • Freedom for Suggs

    Halle buys Baby Suggs freedom. He works seven days a week to raise enough money to buy her freedom. She then leaves Sweet Home and goes to Cincinnati.
  • Sethe

    Sethe becomes Baby Suggs replacement at Sweet Home.
  • Sethe and Halle

    Sethe and Halle get married. They consummate their marriage in a cornfield, because white's beleived that black people were not privelaged enough to have a wedding.
  • Howard

    Sethe and Halle's first child Howard was born.
  • Buglar

    Sethe and Halle's second son was born.
  • Schoolteacher Hired

    Mrs. Garner hires the schoolteacher to replace ehr husband at Sweet Home.
  • Beloved

    Sethe gave birth to her first daughter, third child.
  • Children

    Sethe sends her three children to live with her mother-in-law in Cincinnatti, while she tries to escape from Sweet Home.
  • Sethe's Milk

    Sethe had her milk stolen from the schoolteacher's nephew inside the barn. She was beaten because she told Mrs. Garner about the attack.
  • Leaving of Sweet Home

    Sethe and Paul D are the onyl two to escape the treachory of Sweet Home. Paul A and Sixo are killed by the schoolteacher. Sethe returns to 124 to see her children and Baby Suggs.
  • Sethe's secruity

    Sethe kills her newborn baby, tries to kill her two sons and other daughter. She wanted them to die because she didnt want them to endure the pian that she had while in slavery.
  • Jail

    Sethe was sent to jail for the murder of her new born child.
  • Paul D Jailed

    Paul D was sent off to Albert, Georgia for trying to kill his slave owner.
  • Sethe's Job

    Sethe had gotten her first job outside of slavery at Sawyer's restraunt.
  • Denver School

    Denver attends Lady Jone's school but, she is then kicked out because the teacher finds out her mother has been to jail.
  • Baby Suggs

    Baby Suggs passes away.
  • Howard and Buglar

    The two brothers had left 124 because of the haunting from their little sister. They could not live in the house anymore, they then left the house.
  • Paul D comes to Cincinnati

    Paul D comes to Cincinnati to see Sethe.
  • Beloved

    Beloved comes to 124, in hoping to find her mother. Sethe does not believe that it is her daughter's reincarnation. Denver knows it is her though.
  • Fairwell

    Paul D leaves 124 when he confronts Sethe about her killing/beating her children.
  • Motherly Instincts

    Sethe tries to stab Edwin Bodwin when he tries to take away Denver from her. She became angry because Denver was the only person left in her life and she could not lose her.
  • Lose one but gain one

    Beloved leaves and no one knows where she goes, but Paul D returns back to the family.