Behind the O

  • Discovery of the Ozone Layer

    Discovery of the Ozone Layer
    French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson discovered the Ozone
  • CFC's

    Chloroflourocarbons are created as non-toxic, non-flamable refrigerants. Used in aerosols like hairsprays, deoderants, etc.
  • The Dubson Unit

    The Dubson Unit
    After the discovery a British meterologist G.M.B. Dubson investigates in more details, which leads to the creation of the spectrum The Dubson Unit.
  • How Ozone Works and What it is?

    How Ozone Works and What it is?
    The Ozone layer is a gas made up of O3 (3 oxygen atoms) in the stratosphere. The ozone layer protects Earth from UV (ultraviolet) radiation.
  • Ground Measurement

    Ground Measurement
    The first measurement of the Ozone layer in Hailey Bay, Anartica.
  • Satelite Measurement

    Satelite Measurement
    Satelite Measurements began and detect CFC's
  • Chloroflourocarbons

    M.J. Molina and F.S. Rowland publish a laboratory story on how CFC's has the ability to breakdown the Ozone.
  • U.S. Bans Some Uses of CFC's

    U.S. Bans Some Uses of CFC's
    The U.S. bans non-essential uses for CFC's in
  • Ozone Hole

    Ozone Hole
    The British first reported their findings, in the October ozone levels were 35% lower then in the 1960's.
  • Ozone Hole!

    Ozone Hole!
    The drop was so dramatic when the British did their measurement they thought their equipment was faulty