Timeline created by hamjoe
  • 197,982 BCE

    Humans in Isreal

    Around Mt. Carmel humans barbecued stuff.
  • 1500

    Caribbean Barbecue

    Spanish explorers found locals roasting barbicu. ie: alligator, snake and wildcat.
  • 1539

    Spanish brought pigs to the new world

  • New Arrivals

    Pennsylvania Dutch people settled in the Piedmont
  • Samuel Johnson

    Added Barbecue into the English dictionary.
  • Tomato

    Tomato became accepted in general recipes.
  • WWI

    A competing version of BBQ emerged in the hills of the Piedmont.
  • Federal Aid Act

    Helped highways to distribute hogs quicker.
  • Automobile Ownership rising

    23,000,000 vehicles owned by Americans, this helped spread BBQ
  • Period: to

    Double the pigs

    Two hogs were raised for every one human each year