Battles of WWII

  • Battle of Hong Kong

    Battle of Hong Kong
    Date: December 8 1941
    Participating Countries: Canada,Britain,India,Japan
    Casualties: Canada 554
    Result:Canadians were forced to surrender to Japanese
    Facts:Capatured Canadians were imprisoned in Japan or Hong Kong and they were treated with brutality. They were forced to work 12 hours a day and as a result around 264 died.
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    WWII Battles in Order

  • The Battle of Dieppe

    The Battle of Dieppe
    Date:August 19 1942
    Countries Involved:Canada, Britain, United States,Germany
    Casualties:Canada 907, Britain 52, United States 3, German 311
    Result: Canadians failed to capture Dieppe, Germans won
    Facts: Ground forces included 4 963 men from 2nd Canadian division,1 005 commandos, 50 us rangers and 15 frechmen. After the failed raid, 1 946 were taken prisoner
  • Landing in Sicily

    Landing in Sicily
    Participating Countries: Canada, Britain, US, Germany, Italy
    Casualties: Canada 562,Britain 2 721, US 2 237
    Results:Canadians had won small part of Sicily
    Facts: On the way, 58 canadians drowned when enemy submarines sank 3 ships of the assault convoy. also 500 vehicles and numerous guns and weapons were lost to sea.
  • San leonardo

    San leonardo
    Date:December 8 1943
    Participating Countries:Canada, New Zealand, Germany
    Results: Canadian soldiers had captured Sans Leonardo
    Facts: the slopes near Sans leonardo were steep and heavy winter rain had turned the Moro River into thick mud. Canadians were forced to retreat but eventually gained sans leonardo after 2 days of effort.
  • Ortona

    Date: December 20 1943
    Participating Countries:Canada, Germany, New Zealand
    Casualties: Canada 1 200
    Results: The Canadians won the battle over Germans
    Facts: According to New Zealand historian, the Germans were willing to sell them some ground, but they refused. The battle of Ortona was one of the bloodiest battles in Italian campaign but also one of the greatest canadian victories in WWII.
  • Anzio

    Date: January 22 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, Germany, Britain, US, Italy
    Casualties: Allied forces 7 000, Germans 5 389
    Results: The Canadians won over Germans
    Facts: The Canadians launched a series of aggressive attacks and the Germans fell back about 1 500 yards. The FSSF(First Special Service Force) were trained to silently kill their German victims with knives, one FSSF soldier left a message that translated into "The worst is yet to come" on his victim.
  • The Hitler Line

    The Hitler Line
    Date: May 18 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, Germany
    Casualties:Canada 45
    Results: The 1st Canadian Corps attacked the Hitler Line and sent the germans fleeing to their fallback.
    Facts: Canadians earned some rest except for the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade. The Hitler Line was a german fallback with minefields, barbed wires,fortified pillbox machine guns and crossfires from tanks.
  • The Capture of Rome

    The Capture of Rome
    Date: May 22 1944
    Participating countries: Canada and Germany
    Casualties: Unknown
    Results: The FSSF captured the city of rome from Germans
    Facts:The FSSF were forced to wait for the armour divisions and supporting infantry due to minefields. The FSSF were forced to fall back from Cisterna Railway station.
  • Normandy Battles

    Normandy Battles
    Date: June 6 1944
    Countries involved: Canada,Britain,US,Germany,Poland
    Casualties: Canada 5 021,Britain 17 769,US 9 386, Poland 950
    Result: Canadians did a large role in defeating the Germans
    Facts: More than 2 000 German tanks were destroyed. Of all the divisions which formed part of the Montgomorey's 21 Army Gruop, none suffered more casualties than the 3rd and 2nd Canadian divisions.
  • The Gothic Line

    The Gothic Line
    Date: August 25 1944
    Countries Involved: Canada, Germany
    Casualties: Canada 4 000
    Result: The Canadians broke the line from germans with Canadian Airforce
    Facts:The Gothic Line was the most firtified German line because many factories that produced vital supplies were there. the line composed of machine gun posts, anti-tank guns, mortar and assaut gun positions, tant turret, wires, mines, ditches.