Battles of WWII

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  • Battle of Dunkirk

    Canada ,United Kingdom, France, Belgium vs Germany. Casualties: Allies; 11,000. Germany; 25,000.
    Germany victory
    The War Office made the decision to evacuate British forces on the 25th of May. In the nine days from 27 May-4 June, 338,226 men escaped, including 139,997 French, Polish and Belgian troops, together with a small number of Dutch soldiers, aboard 861 vessels.
  • Battle of Hong Kong

    British Hong Kong, British India, and Canada vs. Japan
    Canada-554 dead
    Japan-1996 dead
    United Kindgdom -1559 dead
    Japan won by forfeit
    It was in this battle that Canadian soldiers first committed to battle during the Second World War.
  • The Dieppe Raid

    Canada, United States, United Kingdom vs. Nazi Germany
    Canada- 907 dead
    Germany - 312 dead
    The allied forces ended up retreating.
    The reason of the raid is still unknown. No major objectives of the raid were accomplished.
  • Agira

    Canada, United States vs Nazi Germany
    Canada - 54 dead
    Rest - ?
    Ended in a Canadian victory
    Canada was moving in 200 meters every 2 minutes. And were pushing Germany back until they caputured Agira.
  • Landing in Sicily

    Untied Kingdom, United States, Canada vs. Nazi Germany and Italy
    5837 total dead Canadians
    20000 casulties for Germany
    Ally victory
    The Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky was one major battle in WWII. where the allied forces took Sicily from Italy and Germany.
  • Adrano

    Canada , United States vs. Germany
    Canada - ?
    Ally victory
    Adrano was a battle Canadian regiments that fought near that town during the Battle of Sicily. There were many battles fought in Adrano but the Allied forces eventually toook the town.
  • Troina Valley

    Canada, United States vs Germany
    Germany -?
    Ally victory.
    Troina Valley was part of the invasion of Sicily. It was just on of the many different battles that took place in Sicily
  • Kiska

    Canada, United States vs Japanese, Geremy
    Canada - ?
    Japan and Germany - ?
  • Landing at Reggio

    Canada, United States, Britian, vs Italy, Germany
    Canada - 9 casulties
    Many days of naval and air bombing preceded the landing, with additional guns firing from across the Strait on Sicily in the final hours. While heavy smoke from the bombardment made navigation difficult for the West Novas, They found opposition weak and objectives quickly taken.
  • The Rhine

    Canada, United States vs Germany
    5000 ally casulties
    5000 axis casulties
    5600 German prisoners
    Ally victory
    It was the first major German city to face invasion, Hitler ordered that the city be held at all costs. Even with these orders the Allies still captured the city.