Battles of the Revolutionary War

  • Lexinton and Concord

    These were the first battles of the revoultionary war. The British won these. The Patriots got a real wake up call
  • Bunker Hill

    The British won but suffered extreme causlities.
    The Americans didnt fire till they saw the whites of the opponets eyes.
  • Montreal

    The British have won this battle . And have also won the last three in a row
  • Charleston

    The Americans have won their first battle. This is a huge batle fo rthe solidiers murral.
  • Period: to

    Trenton to Priceton

    This was two huge battles that the Americans had won. THis also mad it three in a row. The american out smarted the britsih.
  • Saratoga

    The Americans won. And keep on firing till they retreated and then surprised them at their own camp
  • Monmuth

    The britsh had won this battle. Washinton ordered to attack but lee got scared and didnt so they lost.
  • Yorktown

    This was the last revolutionary war battle. And it ws won by the Americans. They fought until the british had surrendered.
  • Treaty de Paris

    Annoced that The united states was a free country . declared by the king of england.