Battles of the American Revolution

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  • Battles of Concord & Lexington

    Tensions had been building for many years between residents of the 13 American colonies and the British authorities in Massachusetts and the colonist won
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The American forces learned that the British were planning on taking over the hills around Boston in order to gain a tactical advantage and British won.
  • Battle of Long Island

    The British army successfully moved against the American continental army led by George Washington the battle was part of British campaign to seize control of NY and thereby isolate New England from the rest of the colonies the British won
  • Battles of Trenton & Princeton (NJ)

    Washington defeated a formidable garrison of hessian mercenaries before withdrawing a week later he returned to Trenton lure British forces south , then executed a daring night march to capture ,the Americans won
  • Battle of Ticonderoga

    During the revolutionary war when the British controlled the fort it was attacked in the capture of fort Ticonderoga by the Green Mountain boys and other state militia under the command of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold who captured it in the surprise attack , the British won
  • Battle of Brandywine Creek (PA)

    fought between the American Continental army of General George Washington and the British army of General Sir William as part of the American Revolutionary War the British won
  • Battle of Saratoga (NY)

    the climax of the Saratoga campaign , giving a decisive victory to the American Revolutionary War the Continental army won
  • Battle of Charleston (SC)

    major engagement and major British victory fought between march 29 t0 may 12 1780 during the American Revolutionary War, the british won
  • Battle of Cowpens ( SC)

    between US forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan and British forces under Lieutenant Colonel Sir Banastre Tarleton , as part of the campaign in the Carolinas , America won
  • Yorktown / Surrender (VA)

    the Battle of Yorktown, the surrender at Yorktown or the German Battle , ending on October 19 1781 at Yorktown VA , Washington won