Battle of Vimy Ridge

  • Victory Bonds

    In WW1 the Canadian government are running low on money. They need to think of something, so they can raise money for the war. The govnerment put out posters saying that buy Victory Bonds to help the war.
  • Battle of the Somme

    The battle of the Somme started in July, 1/ 1916. It lasted until November 1916. Battle of the Somme was the battle that symbolised the horrors of warfare in World War One and to show how bad to be in trenchs. The allies have suffered many loses.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge is one of the greatest battles in Canadian history. For the first time in the Great War, all four Canadian divisions fought together on the same battlefield.
  • Military Service Act

    The Military Service Act was used in Canada in 1917s. The Canadian Government used Conscription to forced Men 16 and up to join the war. This act was used because not enough men are volunteering and Canada had lost a lot of soldiers at war.
  • The Winnipeg General Strike

    The Citizens of Winnipeg join the Union in the strike. This occur because of unfire employment.30,000 Winnipeg workers walked off the job at 11 a.m. After this Strike a union was created to help employers to get a minmum wage.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Canada signs Treaty of Versaillies independently from Britian. Canada is no longer part of Britian, Canada is a independent country.
  • united States becomes Canada's Chief Trading Partner

    Canada and USA becomes trading partner. This helps Canada and it economy grow bigger. They are the biggest trading partner in the World.
  • Law allows more European immigrants into Canada

    More European immigrrants came to Canada because Canada has a low population after WW1.
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl was caused by the lack of crop rotation and basically killed the soil in the ground and drying it up causing dust storms. This affected the farmers a lot in farming.
  • Black Thursday

    On October 24 1929. wheat price brgan to drop. Everyone wanted to sell their wheat and other items. All the Stock is worth nothing causing people to go bank rob. The day became known as Black Thursday
  • The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was Created

    This program was Created because there was a war going on in Great Britian. It wasn't a great area for pilots to train. So they train the pilots in Canada because there's alot of free space for them to fly around and won't get shot down.
  • Battle of Hong Kong

    It was one of the wrost battle for Canadains. Prime minister mackenzie king only send abot 1900 soldiers to Hong Kong and help defend from the japanses.
  • D-Day

    On june 6 1944. The allies planed to invade France, each of them invades a beach. The Canadian were to invade the Juno beach and take down the germany bunkers.
  • The Liberation of the Netherlands

    The Canadian troops help the Netherlands defend their country. the Canadian troops pushed German troops closer to Germany. This is known as The Liberation of the Netherlands today.
  • United nations is Created

    United nations is created to prevent another World War. The United nations also help countries with problems like human right, health care and other important needs.
  • NATO is formed

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO. This member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party(USSR and it party).
  • The Korean War

    North Koear, China and USSR are invading South Korea. The Unions nations USA and Canada went to war in Soouth Korea to stop the communist from spreading.
  • NORAD is Formed

    North American Air Defence Command is from in 1958. Canada join the NORAD to stop the USSR from sending Nuclear missle ti USA.
  • The Avro arrow Project

    This Project started in 1959. The Project was going well until the government fine this Projectey costed too much. They cancel the project, this Day is known as Black Friday.
  • Computer Age

    In 1970 the Computer became helpful to humans. They help program jets.
  • October Crisis

    FLQ(Le Front de Liberation du Quebec) is a national liberation whose goal is to achieve independence for Quebec. This terrorist group started planing bombs on home and other place, until Prime minister Trdeau make Quebec independent from canada.
  • The Oka Crisis

    The Canadians wanted to built a nine-hole golf course in the Mohawk territory. That territory belongs to the Aboriginal people
  • The Persian Gulf War

    The invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi troops that began in August 1990. UN Security Council went againest the Iraq. Canada and USA send their own forces to the scene.
  • New Territory of Nunavut is created

    In 1999 Canada had a new Territoy up North called nunavut. This territtoy is run by Aboriginal government.
  • Canada allow same Sex marriages

    In 2005 the Canadian government allow same sex marriages.