Battle of the Atlantic

  • British Passenger ship destroyed by German U-Boat

    On Sep 3rd/1939 a Brith passenger ship heading for Montreal is destroyed by a German U-Boat
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Atlantic

  • First merchant ship to be sunk by German U-Boats

  • 36 sunken ships by the attacking German U-boats

  • First escorted convoy crosses the Atlantic (Allied)

  • Germans now have 331 operational U-Boats

  • 216 Vessels fal prey to the German U-Boats

  • Convoy system is formally adapted by the U.S

  • Allies lose 834 000 tons of goods

  • Presidential call for 250 assault aircrafts

  • Last U-Boats are sent out in smaller groups

  • All U-Boats have been destroyed by the Allies