Baseball 10 Major Events

  • Creation of the Baseball

    Creation of the Baseball
    Abner Doubleday is credited with inventing baseball in Cooperstown, New York. This happened in 1839. This changed baseball because if he had not invented baseball then nobody would and if someone had come up with their version of baseball it would be different than it would be today.
  • Rules of the Rame

    Rules of the Rame
    Alexander Joy Cartwright develops the rules of baseball. This happened in 1845. This changed the game because the rules of baseball make and break games and because of his rules temas win and loose.
  • Creation of American League

    Creation of American League
    The American League is created. This happened in 1900. This changed baseball because after this league shows how serious people are about the yong sport.
  • WWI

    Some Baseball players were drafted for WWI. This happened in 1918. This might of angered some americans because thier favorite baseball players were on the frontlines and not on the field.
  • Radio

    Baseball is brodcasted on the radio for the first time. this happened in 1921. This affected baseball because it opened up more fans andit alson brought the stadium income down.
  • All Star Game

    All Star Game
    The major league all star game is played. This happened in 1933. It changed baseball because every so often the fans could look forward to seeing all of thier favorite players play al on one field.
  • Night Game

    Night Game
    The major leagues first night game is played. This happened in 1935. This changed baseball because it opened a new market for people who work during the day and have off the night time.
  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    Jadkie Robinson Makes his Debut. This happened in 1945. It changed the game because Afican Americans can have the opptunity to play baseball now.
  • Televised World Series

    Televised World Series
    The world series was televised for the first time. This happened in 1947. It changed base ball because you did not have to pay for a ticket you could watch the game on your tv at home with your family.
  • The Strike

    The Strike
    Players Striked for not getting paid enough and strkied for the most part of their season. This happened in 1994. This affected baseball because fans and players were both mad at the managers for not paying enough mone because the fans wanted to watch the players play the game.