• baseballs first year

    only played by amateurs until the 1860's when professional clubs began
  • inventor of modern basbeall field

    Alexander Carwright inventor of modern day baseball field 1820 1892
  • when baeball was played

    they would play baseball normally on satudays on the outskirts of newyork in 1823.They would normally play on grass fields or where ever there was a grass field to play on
  • umpires

    baseball umpires were seated in padded chairs behind home plate before 1859,
  • the first pitch was thrown

    May 4, 1871 the first pitch was thrown
  • the first major league baseball game ever played

    the first game was in the year 1871
  • rules

    back in the day they had to pitch under hand
  • teams

    in 1876 the mlb only had 8 official teams in the mlb
  • first homerun

    Chicago Cubs, Ross Barnes the first person to hit a homerun in MLB in 1876
  • mlbs suplier

    From 1877 to 1976 the A.G. Spalding Company was the mlb suplier
  • eqipment

    most baseball eqipment was made bases bats field was desinged
  • George A. Rawlings improver of the baseball glove

    George A. Rawlings baseball glove improver fixed the baseball gloves so they were able to be used in 1885
  • first world series is played

    boston americans defeat pittsburgh pirates 3 to 0
    first afficial world series
  • first inter league game was played

    June 12, 1997.The first inter league game was played.
  • most homeruns in a season

    barry bondes was awarded the most homeruns in a single season with 73 in 2001