Baroque Music and American History Timeline

By Moosecg
  • Sir Walter Raleigh founds Roanoke Colony

    Sir Walter Raleigh founds Roanoke Colony
    Roanoke was the first English settlement in the new world. Unfortunately the inhabitants of the colony would completely vanish, leading to the legendary tale of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.
  • Monteverdi begins writing L’Orfeo

    Monteverdi begins writing L’Orfeo
    L’Orfeo was a highly influential piece which is believed to be the very first Opera ever written.
  • L’Orfeo Premiers

    L’Orfeo Premiers
    L’Orfeo was released and first performed publicly in this year, it was a massive success and gave rise to the genre of opera
  • Jamestown Colony Founded

    Jamestown Colony Founded
    First permanent English settlement in the New World. Would lead way to Anglo dominance across North America and eventually the United States of America.
  • Barbara Strozzi born

    Barbara Strozzi born
    Prominent Italian composer and opera singer who was one of the only female composers of the baroque era.
  • First slaves arrive in Jamestown

    First slaves arrive in Jamestown
    First ever slaves arrive in North America at the English colony of Jamestown. The start of an institution that would stay with the descendants of the Jamestown colonists until chaotically ending with the American Civil War.
  • Giovanni Legrenzi

    Giovanni Legrenzi
    Influential Italian composer who moved to Florence and began writing operas
  • King Phillip’s War Begins

    King Phillip’s War Begins
    War fought between colonists in the New England Confederacy and many Indian tribes in the area. The war was very costly for both sides and lasted 2 years, half of the colonists in New England died in the war and 11 English settlements were burned by the Indians. Colonists fought for their existence on the continent.
  • George Friedrich Handel leaves for England

    George Friedrich Handel leaves for England
    Handel is granted permission and leaves Germany to find work in England on the condition that he would return in “reasonable time,” he would never return to Germany.
  • Carolina Splits Up

    Carolina Splits Up
    Economic and political differences, paired with the issue of governing large swaths of land, causes the Northern and Southern halves of the English colony of Carolina to split up into the separate colonies of North Carolina and South Carolina, a separation which persists to this day.
  • Bach Revises the Fluge

    Bach Revises the Fluge
    Bach revises many of his works and canons to clearly redefine the Flugue as it’s own unique genre
  • Spaniards Raid Colonial Capital of North Carolina

    Spaniards Raid Colonial Capital of North Carolina
    Spanish ship La Fortuna sails up the Cape Fear river to Brunswick, colonial capital of North Carolina. They burn the town before being chased off by colonial militia. Attack results in capital being moved to Newbern and causes many colonists to leave the area and establish the nearby Port of Wilmington. Brunswick remains abandoned to this day.