Baroque Music and American History Timeline

  • George Weymouth visits Cape Cod in 1605

    George Weymouths visit to Cape Cod marks the consistency of racism in the Baroque Period. As when he visited he captured several native Americans.
  • L’Orfeo premiered for the first time in 1607

    L’Orfeo is an opera about the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice.
  • Jamestown was founded in 1607

    Jamestown was the very first permanent settlement in North America.
  • Hampton Virginia founded 1610

    Hampton was the location of Fort Monroe for nearly 400 years. A very important location in America.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico founded

    The founding of Santa Fe by the Spanish was an expansion of culture in America
  • Pilgrim’s Arrival in America 1620

    The pilgrims voyage to the U.S. was great historical advancement in the Baroque Era
  • Founding of Boston 1630

    Boston is now one of the most well known cities in the United States.
  • First performance of Atys

    Atys is a French form of Opera and known as a tragedie lyrique.
  • Canon in D minor composed

    Canon in D minor was composed by Johann Pachelbel. It is a great musical masterpiece.
  • Rinaldo composed in 1711

    Rinaldo is an opera composed by Handel a well known composer from the Baroque Era.
  • Four Seasons composed

    The Four Seasons was composed by Vivaldi and is a great work of art.
  • Castor ent Pollux first performance

    The opera Castor et Pollux was composed by Rameau and it was performed at Palais-Royal in Paris.