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In Music
  • Opera

    Jacopo Peri and Guilio Caccini invent the opera, sometime during the early 1600's. It is Entitled Euridice.
  • Monteverdi (1567)- (1643)

    A composer trained in both Renaissance and Baroque, used dissonances in his music, also utilizing Seconda Prattica, monody with dissonance. Composed The Coronation Of Poppea.
  • Libretto

    The Libretto is the text of an opera.
  • Arias

    The Aria, an extended piece for a solo singer, gains in popularity. Becoming some of the most appreciated pieces of the time.
  • Caccini 1587-1641

    The first woman to compose operas. She was praised for her soprano voice, and competency on any stringed instrument. She composed balli, intermezzi, and opera
    as well as other vocal pieces.
  • The Coronation Of Poppea

    Major History Opera by Montiverti. Nero falls in love with Poppea, divorcing his wife and having her executed so he can marry her. She becomes empress. Arias, Ariosos, and Choruses are found throughout this famous work.
  • Strozzi 1619-1677

    Another female composer of the time, she wrote mostly ariettas and arias.
  • Other Genres of the middle and late Baroque

    Other styles include Passacaglia, Chaconne, Fugue
  • Von Biber Sonata No. 1

    Austrian composer and violinist. Von Biber wrote this sonata during the mid baroque era. It is filled with embellishments, and opportunities to display virtuosity.
  • Scarlatti 1685-1757

    keyboard virtuoso. He wrote 500+ sonatas for harpsichord, operas, cantatas.
  • Handels water music

    A 22 movement work premiered in front of royalty on 7-17-1717. It contained 3 suites, and uses ternary form.
  • Vivaldi 1678-1741

    A composer of nearly 800 works, he is considered the master of the baroque concerto.
  • Period: to

    Early Baroque

    Instrumental music was almost equal to vocal music during the Baroque era.
  • Period: to

    Middle Baroque

  • Period: to

    Late Baroque