• British Arrive

    Captain John Powell landed on Barbados; claimed island for King James I of England
  • Period: to

    Slaves Rapidly Out Number Whites.

  • First Slaves Imported

    Captain Henry Powell established colony at Holetown, used white indentured servants from England to cultivate tobacco crops; Britain imported black slaves from Africa
  • First Parliament

    Barbados’s first parliament, the House of Assembly held a meeting
  • Official British Control

    Barbados now an English crown possession
  • First Revolt

  • Period: to

    Early Slave Rebellions

    Plantation owners learn to deal with slave revolt quickly and harshly.
  • Last Revolt For 124 Years

    First major slave revolts unsuccessful
  • Period: to

    Slaves Caged In Barbados For 124 Years.

  • Haitian Revolution

    Ideals of freedom spread accross Caribbean
  • Slave Trade Abolished

    End of Slave Trade, British Tighten Control Over Slave Trade In Caribbean.
  • Period: to

    A Lifetime Before Change

  • Slaves Demand Reforms

    Slaves staged revolt
  • Slavery Abolished

    Slavery abolished by British
  • Great Britain Repealed Apprenticeship

    The 12-year tenure of labor contracts were the longest in the British Caribbean