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Ayla Reynolds Case

  • Mother seeks custody

    Mother seeks custody
  • Period: to

    Ayla Reynolds Case

  • Last time Ayla was seen

    The last time Justin DiPietro sees his daughter, lying in her bed in their Waterville home. 10PM
  • Ayla reported missing

    Ayla reported missing
    8:51AM DiPietro finds her bed empty and calls 911 to report Ayla is missing from their Violette Avenue home. Police say she could have been abducted or walked away, but couldn't "have gone very far." Waterville police and firefighters search neighborhood. State game wardens join in and conduct flyover. Waterville and Maine State Police detectives look for forensic evidence in DiPietro's house
  • FBI joins search

    FBI joins search
  • Crime Scene Tape goes up

    Crime Scene Tape goes up
  • Mother blames Father

    Mother blames DiPietro for not keeping Ayla safe and hopes her daughter will be home for Christmas.
  • Someone took Ayla

    Someone took Ayla
    Ten days into the investigation, police say they believe someone took Ayla from her home, acknowledging for the first time that they don't believe she left the house on her own. Community members offer $30,000 reward -- the largest ever in Maine. State police Evidence Response Team van is parked in driveway.
  • Search Continues

    Search Continues
    Investigators from four police agencies continue the search and follow up on more than 300 tips, but won't say whether they have any forensic evidence or suspects in the case.
  • Father releases statement

    Father releases statement
    DiPietro issues a second statement through Waterville police, repeating that he doesn't know what happened to Ayla and thanking community members for their support.
  • State Police take lead

    State Police take lead
    Police announce "foul play" suspected in what is now a criminal case. State police take lead in investigation, removing a window from house, and Massachusetts detectives join effort.