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Ayla Reynolds Case

  • Last sighting of Ayla

    Last sighting of Ayla
    Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, puts her to bed at night, and this is the last sighting of Ayla.
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    Ayla Reynolds Case

  • Ayla is reported missing

    Ayla is reported missing
    DiPietro finds Ayla's bed empty in the morning and calls 911 to report her as missing. Waterville police and firefighters search the neighborhood, and Waterville and Maine State Police detectives look for forensic evidence in DiPietro's house.
  • FBI joins the search

    FBI joins the search
    FBI agents join in the seach to find Ayla.
  • Candlelight vigil

    Candlelight vigil
    Roughly 100 people attend a candlelight vigil for Ayla at a local church in Waterville.
  • Search intensifies

    Search intensifies
    After receiving more than 100 tips from the public , police have said "it's still a missing-child case." So, investigators put crime-scene tape around DiPietro's house and intensify the search for clues. Also, two of the state's top homicide prosecutors visit the house and cadaver dogs join the search.
  • Police say someone took Ayla

    Police say they believe someone took Ayla from her home, stating for the first time that they don't believe she left the house on her own.
  • Father issues a new statement

    Father issues a new statement
    Ayla's father, DiPietro, issues a second statement through Waterville police. He states that he doesn't know what happened to Ayla and thanks community members for their support.
  • State Police take the lead

    Police announce "foul play" is suspected, State police take lead in investigation and remove a window from a house. Also, Massachusetts detectives join effort.