Avistamientos de ovnis

Timeline created by Jared Vazquez
  • UFO sighting in USA

     UFO sighting in USA
    In Kentucky, pilot Thomas Mantell dies while chasing a UFO
  • UFO sightings in the USA by a couple

     UFO sightings in the USA by a couple
    A couple (Betty and Barney Hill) claim to have been abducted by aliens; they received extensive coverage in the US tabloid press.
  • Humanoid sighting in France

    Humanoid sighting in France
    In Valensole, France, Maurice Masse says he observed two humanoids who paralyzed him with a tree branch.
  • UFOs in Antarctica

    UFOs in Antarctica
    In Deception Island and Orkney Islands eight sightings made; the Argentine Navy and the Chilean Air Force issued statements on these events
  • UFOs in Iran

     UFOs in Iran
    Sobre Teherán sucede el Incidente ovni de Teherán, donde se avista un objeto no identificado, que es detectado por radar y al que intentan interceptar dos aviones de combate iraníes
  • UFOs in Spain

    At the Manises airport (Valencia) the UFO incident in Manises takes place, in which a commercial plane spots unidentifiable lights.
  • UFO sightings in the UK

    UFO sightings in the UK
    In the UK, the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident happens, a sighting taken at first as a crashed plane.
  • Ovnis en Argntina

    Ovnis en Argntina
    1993: In Tucumán, Alejandro Luna, a 10-year-old boy, from the forest neighborhood, observed in the sky a kind of circular nave that had two levels. "The lower part was made of metal with protruding pups. It moved slowly and flew very low. I managed to see that it had large windows with lights of different colors that turned on one after the other very fast. It made no noise. It lasted about 10 minutes and began to climb until it disappeared
  • Ovnis en Chile

    in the city of Temuco (I still can't remember the exact day) at around 1 p.m. 2 UFOs appeared in broad daylight, being pursued by 4 fighter planes armed with all their missiles in a kind of interstellar dogfight
  • Ovnis en Israel

    Ovnis en Israel
    In Jerusalem a strange light could be observed on top of the Dome of the Rock, and after a few seconds it was possible to observe how the light was flying at great speed into space.