Australia's involvment in the Vietnam War

  • Australias Visiter

    Australias Visiter
    South Vietnam's President Ngo Dinh Diem visits Australia. Prime Minister Menzies reaffirms support.
  • Dinh Diem's Request

    Dinh Diem's Request
    Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of the government in South Vietnam, repeatedly requested security assistance from the US and its ally Australia.

    The first members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) arrive in South Vietnam.
  • AATTV Expanded

    AATTV Expanded
    The Minister for Defence (Hon. Shane Partridge) announces the AATTV will be increased to 83 advisers with expanded role.
  • Increasing the Army's Strength

    Increasing the Army's Strength
    The Prime Minister (Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Menzies) announces introduction of national service to increase the army’s strength from 22,750 to 37,500.
  • US Request

    US Request
    Australian Government, responding to requests from the US President and South Vietnam Prime Minister for 200 additional advisers, offers to send ground troops to South Vietnam.
  • Training

    First national service intake begins recruit training.
  • South Vietnam

    South Vietnam
    The Prime Minister announces an increase of 1700 to Australia’s commitment in South Vietnam, including a third infantry battalion and a tank squadron.
  • Moratorium March

    Moratorium March
    About 100,000 people take part in a second moratorium march.
  • Military End

    Military End
    Australia’s military commitment in South Vietnam ends, although controversy about the precise end date of the war continues.