Australian religion

By Evee.
  • first fleet lands in sydney cove

  • Catholic settlers in Parramatta petition Governor Phillip for a chaplin

  • First official public Mass is held under strict Government supervision and is celebrated by prisoner priest, Fr Dixon

  • Fr Therry founds the first Catholic school on Hunter Street, Parramatta

  • Fr Daniel Power lands in Sydney to replace Fr Therry as official chaplain to the growing colony. Hardworking Fr Therry moves to Parramata and remains a chief influence among Sydney's Catholics

  • Fr Power dies

  • St Mary's Chapel finally completed. Fr Therry celebrates the first Mass there. Fr William Ullalthorne arrives in Sydney to take over as the colony's first Vicar General

  • Transportation of convicts to New South Wales is suspended

  • Fr John Brady consecrated as Bishop of Perth and moves from Windsor to Western Australia

  • Arrival of the Jesuits in Sydney

  • Death of Mother Mary MacKillop

  • Formation of the Catholic Teachers' Federation

  • Catholic Weekly prints its first issue

  • Pope John Paul II visits Australia.

  • The two spires of St Mary's Cathedral are finally completed