Australian Inventions

  • Electronic drill

    In 1889, Australian electrical engineer, Arthur James Arnot created the first electrical drill. It was originally created for drilling out coal and rock.
  • Electronic pacemaker

  • Black Box Flight Recorder

    The worlds safest air travel commercial that was invented by Australian Scientist, Dr David Warren.
  • Medical application of penicillin

    Australian scientist, Howard Florey purified penicillin from a strain of mould in 1939.
  • Permanent Crease Clothing

    In 1957, CSIRO developed a technique called Si-Ro-Set that use chemicals to change the structure of wool fibre.
  • Plastic spectable lens

    In 1960, Sola Optical created plastic lens that were used world wide for their safety, lightweight and durability.
  • Inflatable escape slide and raft.

    In 1965, Jack Grant invented an Inflatable raft that are now used on every aircraft for emergencie
  • Cochlear Inplant

    Proffesor Glaeme Clark invented the first Bionic ear
  • Permaculture

  • Triton workcentre

  • Ultrasound Scanner

    In 1976, The Ultrasonics Research Section of the Commonwealth Acoustrics Laboratories Branch, discovered a way to separate and find the difference between ultrasound echoes bouncing off soft tissuees in the body and converting them into TV images.
  • Racecam

    Chanel 7 introduced live Tv broadcastingfor racing cars and later on, cricket, basketball and many other sports.
  • Polymer Bank notes

    In the 1980's, Plastic bank notes were invented by Reserve Bank of Australia and CSIRO.
  • Winged Keel

    In 1983, Australian yachtsman and marine archtitect invented the winged keel.
  • Wifi Technology

    In 1992, John O' Sullivan and the CSIRO created Wifi technology.
  • Spray On Skin

    In 1999, Professor Fiona wood created the first spray on skin technique.
  • Google Maps

    Danish brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen invented the platfor for google maps in the early 2000's
  • Gardsil and cervix cancer vaccine