Australian History

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  • Captain James Cook

    In 1770 cook sighted the South Coast of the Australian continent, near Gippsland in Victoria. He mapped New Zealand then moved on to the East Coast of Australia
  • Captain James Cook

    1770 Captain James Cook was the first European to discover Australia. Many people have said that Captain James Cook was an Outstanding Seaman. They arrived in Botany Bay and mapped the East Coast of Australia. Cook then came back to England to report his findings.
  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet
    1788 The First Fleet was a ship filled with convicts who were the first Englishman to sail to Australia. The convicts had broken the law in England. They were sent to prison in England, but the prison was to full.
  • Mathew flinders

    Mathew flinders
    Mathew Flinders circumnavigated Australia. He mapped all around Australia. He sailed into Sydney in 1802 then he sailed around Australia making many descoveries.
  • Van Dieman's

    Massacres of Van Diemen’s Land Aborigines. Van dieman’ s land was the original name used by European’s. Van Dieman’s land was the primary penal colony of Australia.
  • Moreton Bay

    Moreton Bay ( Brisbane) colony gets Established.
  • South Australia

    South Australia Colony is founded. Official settlement began on the 28th of December 1836. It became a state in 1901. This was an important time when Australia’s population expanded.
  • John Batman

    John Batman
    John Batman attempts to make a ‘treaty’ with the local Aboriginal people from port Phillip. Governor Bourke does not recognise the deal and stops it.
  • Paul Strzelecki

    Polish Explorer Paul Strzelecki names the highest mountain in Australia after Polish hero Kosciusko.
  • Caroline Chisholm

    Caroline Chisholm
    Caroline Chisholm opens a home for young Immigrant woman. She was always helping Australians through their life. She also helped with the colonisation of Australia.
  • Mahogany Ship

    There have been many reports of a wreck called the ‘Mahogany ship’. There is a mystery that nobody knows about what language the ship was named by, it could be French, Portuguese or Chinese.
  • Gold Rush

    The Gold rush begins near Bathurst in NSW. When the gold rush began people came to Australia to find gold.
  • Burke And Wills

    Burke And Wills
    On the evening of the 21st of April, three exhausted, starving, tattered scarecrows of men they were Burke and Wills had died a week earlier leading two emaciated camels _ staggered back to the depot on the quiet banks of Cooper’s Creek. Then they got back and no one was there.
  • Uluru

    Uluru is sighted by the Europeans. Uluru is found in Alice Springs in Northern territory.
  • The Federation

    The federation of Australia was the process by which the six separate British self governing colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia formed one nation.
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    Alfred Deakin is elected as Prime Minister. In the last quarter of the 19th century Deakin was a major contributor to the establishment of liberal reforms in the colony of Victoria.