Australian Church History

Timeline created by St Michael's College
  • First public mass

  • Arrival of Fr O'Flynn

    Came to minister to convicts
  • Departure of Fr O'Flynn

  • Caroline Chisholm arrives in Australia

  • Archbishop Polding complaints about injustice to aborigines

  • Catholic Church divided into dioceses

  • Fr Dunne celebrates mass on goldfields

  • Abolition of transportation to Australia

  • Establishment of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia

  • St Vincent's Hospital opens in Sydney

  • Mercy sisters arrive in Queensland under Ellen Whitty

  • Mary McKillp and Fr Woods establish the Sisters of St Joseph

  • Christian Brothers arrive in Melbourne

  • Arrival of the Jesuits

  • Marists brothers arrive

  • St Vincent de paul Society established

  • French Missionaries of Sacred Heart arrive in Australia

  • French Missionaries of Sacred Heart in Northern Territory

  • Federation of Australia

  • Death of Mary McKillop

  • Period: to

    Period of Jesuit missions in Northern Territory