Australia WW2 Timeline

By Terence
  • Start of WWII

    Germany invades Poland
  • Period: to

    Australia WW2 timespan

  • Australia aids Britain

    When Great Britain declares war on Germany, the Dominions including Australia enter the war, too. PM Menzies words on a national wireless broadcast.
  • Australia declaring war

    Australia declares war on Germany
  • English channel

    German forces reach the English channel.
  • Sending Troops

    Australia sends the second AIF to support British war effort in Europe, especially in the Western Desert of North Africa, Greece & Crete, on Cyprus and the Middle East.
  • British channel islands

    Germany invades the British Channel Islands
  • Hungary and Romania

    Hungary and Romania, both military dictatorships, join the axis.
  • battle

    Tobruk falls to Australian infantry forces.
    Australia sends ground forces to Malaya.
  • Yugoslavia and Greece

    Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece
  • Crete invaded by Germany

    German paratroopers and airborne troops invade Crete by air
  • german siege

    The long German siege of Leningrad begins.
  • Australian ship sunk

    HMAS Sydney missing believed sunk.
  • The Pacific

    Japan enters the war with devastating offensive actions throughout the Pacific.
  • Commander in Chief (Hitler)

    Hitler orders "fanatic resistance" and appoints himself military commander-in-chief.
  • Japanese reconnaissance

    Japanese reconnaissance landings on New Guinea, campaign that will directly threaten the Australian homeland.
  • Japanese victory over Singapore

    Singapore falls to Japanese troops along with Australian 8th division surrendering
  • Australia attacked

    Japanese bombs Darwin
  • Kokoda Track

    Japanese land forces tries to reach Port Moresby using the Kokoda track who are stopped by the Australian troops.
  • Buna and Gona

    Buna & Gona fall to Australians after heavy fighting.
  • Australia & US

    Australian and US forces maneuvers by land, sea and air to conquer Japanese strongholds
  • Mussolini arrested

    Mussolini is replaced and arrested.
  • Italy surrenders

    Italy surrenders. The German forces in northern and central Italy occupy it
  • Soviet

    The Soviets advances into Poland
  • Air raid

    The British drops bombs on Hamburg,germany
  • Germans retreat

    germans retreat to the Adolf Hitler line
  • Bombing of Tokyo

    B-29 bombers begin to bomb Tokyo from bases in the Mariana islands
  • Battleof the Bulge

    The German attack in the Ardennes begin
  • Australian victory over Japanese

    Australian forces inflict defeats on the Japanese cut off from their homeland islands
  • cermonial march

    An Australian contingent marches in the ceremonial Victory Day Parade in London
  • Germany surrenders

    Germany surrenders. The war in Europe ends
  • Russia declares war

    Russia declares war on Japan
  • End of WWII

    Japan surrenders. World war 2 ends