Australia in World War 2

  • Japan invades Manchuria

  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor(Prime Minister) of Germany

  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor(Prime Minister) of Germany

  • Italy and Germany intervene on thefascist side in the Spanish CivilWar

  • Japan invades China

  • germany and britain declar war

    Germany takes over Austria andinvades CzechoslovakiaItaly invades AlbaniaGermany invades Poland. Britaindeclares war on Germany2nd AIF formed in Australia
  • Period: to

    world war 2

  • britain stops germany invading and defeat italy in north africa

    Germany overruns western EuropeBattle of Britain prevents Germaninvasion of BritainBritish and Australian forces inflictdefeats on Italian forces in NorthAfrica.
  • Britain defeats italy and japan bomb pearl harbour and british isle

    AIF victories over Italian forces inLibya and Vichy French in Syria.Germany invades Yugoslavia,Greece and the USSRTobruk siege. Japan enters the waron the side of the fascist powerswith attacks on the US naval baseat Pearl Harbor and on BritishMalaya
  • Jaoan conquers asia Asutralia pushes them back and Germany looses battle at al alemain

    Japanese conquer most of South-East AsiaSingapore fallsDarwin bombed. Battles of theCoral Sea and MidwayJapanese submarines in SydneyHarbourAustralians turn back Japaneseadvance in PapuaGerman forces defeated atEl Alamein.
  • Australia and Indians drive Japanese back and Mussolini overthrown in Italy

    Australians defeat Japanese in NewGuineaRussians defeat Germans atStalingrad. Mussolini overthrown inItaly
  • DDay landings and Americans defeat Japanese at Pacific Islands

    ‘D Day’ landings in France. Britishand Indians drive Japanese back inBurmaThe USA defeats Japanese forceson Pacific islands
  • Germany and Japan surrender